Mariska Koolen

Paardenbloemen and Gatekeepers, acrylic on cotton, 180x290 cm, 2020, Masterclass Ad de Jong, Naarden

Installation view, collection of work: Vergaderpak, Banners, Goblets for Abraham, video: Abraham, his director Mariska and his guests, 2019, RCA degree show, London

Vergaderpak 250x600 cm, vinyl paint on stitched PVC and Vergaderbekers, 35x10 cm, mouth blown glasses, 2019, RCA degree show, London


This painted suit brings three bodies together. Participants can wear the suit, dressing and undressing simultaneously as a group. Feeling each other's hands on the ends of the sleeves this social discomfort may cause them to decide to hold each other's hands.

I wanted to make an outfit that limits physical movement and creates an image that combines posture with painting. Vergaderpak was my first attempt to combine painting with real life figures, so that I can create a structured but lively décor. This tension between a constrained figuration and a playful humanly experiment is something I would like to test and develop further.

Traktaten, 110x100cm, vinyl paint and wood varnish on stitched tarpaulin, 2019

Traktaten, 110x100cm, stitched tarpaulin, 2019

Abraham, his director Mariska and his Guest

Cambridge House, 2019, Croydon (UK)

03:00 min video: Documentation of an organized party for the Biblical figure Abraham. This work is inspired by Søren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling. In this text Kierkegaard writes about the philosophical complexity and absurdity surrounding Abraham’s trial and his willingness to kill his biggest love.

This experimental event asks questions of abstraction, ritual exchange, narrative function and belief. Guests are invited by their hostess (me) to swallow and chew on shapes/colours, while simultaneously being playfully directed to physically move inside and outside the group structure.

Guests and director in Abraham, his director Mariska and his guests, 2019, Croydon, Cambridge House

Carpet in Abraham, his director Mariska and his guests, 400x250cm, acrylic on carpet tiles, 2019, Cambridge House, Croydon

Dressing room, acrylic on rockwool, dress from rockwool, 2018, Croydon

Nametages for characters in the dressing room, acrylic on paper, 2018, Croydon

Dressing room, dress from rockwool, 2018, Croydon

Untitled, light filters, acrylic on cotton, 'Dying Adonis' (cast), 2019, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh

The view was heavier than the frame, 120x100 cm, polyurethane foam, stitched PVC, turf roll, 2018, Croydon

Christmas, acrylic on fabric and PVC, 2018, Croydon 

Breehornstraat 113, glazed tiles, light bulbs and plastered PVC tubes, 2017, Amsterdam, pictures by Sander van Wettum